Warehousing of Starting Materials

  • A 4000 m2 temperature controlled environment
  • Exceptionally clean and orderly at all times
  • Well trained staff with experience in FIFO and care in handing pharmaceuticals
  • HEPA filtered dehumidified air servicing a 4 stage sampling booth
  • GWP practiced at all times

Laboratory Testing

  • A large modern temperature controlled laboratory with 12 staff
  • Provides starting materials and lot release testing for production
  • Provides Total Organic Carbon testing for production cleaning validations and water analysis
  • Full ambient, accelerated and retention sample storage suites
  • Test equipment includes HPLC, TOC, UV Spec, Karl Fischer, FTIR, Automatic Titrator, Drying Oven, Refractometer, Melting point Apparatus
  • Fire proof storage of archives and regulatory documentation

Dispensing and Blending

  • A modern 3 stage dispensing facility with HEPA filtered dehumidified air and centralised vacuum

Hard Gelatine Encapsulation

  • Four modern GMP fully automatic capsule filling lines
  • Hard Gelatine or Vegicaps or Delayed Release caps
  • Capacity 2.5 million hard gel caps per day (size 1, 0, and 00
  • Batch size capability – 600 000 capsules to 10 000 000 capsules per batch


  • One modern GMP design “D” type 20 station press
  • Capacity 400 000 tablets per day

Powder and Liquid “Stick” Sachet Packing

  • 2 automatic high speed GMP lines
  • Nitrogen flushing, individual stick batching, non-fill detection, easy tear notch
  • Line 1 consists of a 8 lane stand-alone machine:
    – Packs powders and liquids into stick packs
    – Capacity 150 000 sticks of 2-20g per day
    – Batch sizes 200 000 – 10 000 000 sticks
  • Line 2 consists of 2 x 15 lane stick pack machines, linked to automatic pouch and/or carton packing equipment:
    – High speed fully automatic filling and packing of sticks into batched and branded pouches and cartons
    – Capacity 500 000 sticks per day
    – Batch sizes 4 000 000 sticks upwards


  • 5 GMP designed rotary blister machines
  • Fitted with camera technology to check each blister
  • Multi tablet blisters or single blisters
  • Wide range of tooling to suit most tablets / capsules / soft gels
  • Able to run PVC – aluminium foil or PVC/PVDC – aluminium foil blisters
  • Combined capacity 150 000 blisters per day

Tablet Counting into Containers

  • 3 fully automatic GMP counting lines
  • Lines include automatic cappers, desiccant and foam insertion, induction sealers, labellers, ink jet coders, and shrink wrappers
  • Able to count any tablet, capsule or soft gel
  • Able to handle a wide variety of container types and shapes
  • Combined capacity 70 000 containers per day

Aerosol Filling

  • A dedicated GMP area licenced to fill topical pharmaceutical aerosols
  • Unmanned gassing station linked to filler and capper by conveyering
  • Ink jet batching, water bath testing and shrink wrapping
  • Capacity 12 000 aerosols per day

Liquid Manufacture and Filling

  • Large double volume liquid manufacture area with RO water plant, homogeniser, heating vessels, and shearer
  • Suited to the manufacture of solutions such as nasal drops and sprays
  • Mobile 3000L tanks feed the liquid filling line
  • 4 headed liquid filler with labeler and cartoner
  • Capacity 10 000 units per day